Pre. Exam

51. A Garnishee order is an order-
(A) prohibiting the judgment debtor’s debtor from making any payment to the judgment debtor
(B) directing the decree holder to take the payment from the judgment debtor’s debtor
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above.

Answer and Notes Answer is C

Pre. Exam

13. Private alienation of property by the judgment-debtor after attachment under Section 64(1) of CPC is :
(a) Valid
(b) Voidable
(c) Void
(d) Irregular

Answer and Notes Answer is C

Sandeep : Section 64 (1) of CPC provides that where an attachment has been made, any private transfer or delivery of the property attached or of any interest therein and any payment to the judgment-debtor of any debt dividend or other moneys contrary to such attachment, shall be void as against all claims enforceable under the attachment.