Pre. Exam

27. Which of the following is not included in Electoral college for electing president?
(A) Elected members of the Rajya Sabha
(B) Elected Members of the Legislative Assembly of the State
(C) Elected Members of the Legislative Council
(D) Elected members of the Lok Sabha.

Answer and Notes Answer is C

Pre. Exam

21. The oath is administered to the President of India by:
(a) Speaker of Lok Sabha (b) Prime Minister of India
(b) Attorney General of India (d) Chief Justice of India

Answer and Notes Answer is D

Explanation : Article 60 of the Constitution provides oath or affirmation by the President. It lay down that every President and every person acting as President or discharging the function of President shall before entering upon his office make and subscribe in the presence of the Chief Justice of India or in his absence, the senior most Judge of Supreme Court an oath or affirmation.

Pre. Exam

80. The principle ‘Collective Responsibility’ has been incorporated in Article-
(A) 75
(B) 74
(C) 105
(D) 53

Answer and Notes Answer is A