Pre. Exam

24. In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court struck down that legislators cannot be disqualified on his conviction in a criminal case if he/she files an appeal in the appropriate court:
(A) Golaknath V. State of Punjab
(B) Keshvananda Bharti Vs. State of Punjab
(C) Sankari Prasad Vs. UOI
(D) Lily Thomas Vs. Union Bank of India

Answer and Notes Answer is D

Pre. Exam

29. Members of Legislative Bodies enjoy privilege of exemption from arrest or detention in prison-
(A) only under Civil process and during the continuance of a joint sit ing/ meeting/ conference or joint committee of Houses of Parliament or Houses of State Legislature as the case may be and during 40 days before and after such sitting/ meeting/ comference
(B) under Civil as well as Criminal process and as all times save with the permission of the Speaker or the Chairperson as the case may be.
(C) under Civil as well as Criminal process but only when the house is in session
(D) do not enjoy any such exemption.

Answer and Notes Answer is C