Pre. Exam

20. The special provisions to Finance Bills is provided under the Constitution of India in:

(a) Article 114 (b) Article 115
(c) Article 116 (d) Article 117

Answer and Notes Answer is D

Explanation: Article 117 of the Constitution provides for special provisions relating Finance Bills. It provides that Bill or amendment making provision for any of the matters specified in Article 110(1) (a) to (f) shall not be introduced or moved except on the recommendation of the President and "a Bill making such provisions shall not be introduced in Council of States.

Pre. Exam

57. Who allows the introduction of the Finance Bill?
(A) President
(B) Finance minister
(C) Prime minister
(D) Speaker

Answer and Notes Answer is A

Pre. Exam

56. Vote on account means :
(a) Vote on the report of CAG
(b) Appropriating funds pending pasting of budget
(c) Passage of bills to meet unforeseen expenditure
(d) Bill for initiation of budget

Answer and Notes Answer is B

Sandeep : Refer Article 116 of the Constitution of India.