Pre. Exam

43. Order of removal of Gram Pradhan passed by the State Government under the Uttar Pradesh Panchayat. Raj Act, 1947 can be challenged:
(a) In appeal before the District Judge
(b) By filing review application
(c) By filing a writ petition before the High Court
(d)" Before the Election Commissioner

Answer and Notes Answer is C

Explanation: Section 95 (1) (g) of UP Panchayat Raj Act, 1947 lays down that the State Governn1ent may remove a Pradhan on any of the ground mentioned therein. Sub section (3) further lays down that Do order made by the State Government under this section shall be called in question in any court. There is on provision for any appeal or revision against this order. Hence only remedy left is a writ petition before High Court.