Pre. Exam

42. A person having direct or indirect share or interest in a contract with, by or on behalf of municipality, other than as a municipal servant, shall be disqualified for being such a servant of municipality and :
(a) office of such municipal servant shall become vacant
(b) shall be deemed to have committed an offence
(c) both (ft) and (b)
(d) None of the above

Answer and Notes Answer is C

Sandeep : As per the provision of section 83 (2) and (3) of UP. Municipalities Act 1916, a municipal servant who shall acquire or continue to have dirccdy or indireedy, himself or his partner a share or interest, whether pecuniaryor of any other nature in any such contract or employment as aforesaid shall cease to be a municipal servant, and his office shall become vacant. Further according to (3) he shall be deemed to have committed on offence under section 168