Pre. Exam

61. Under the doctrine of vicarious liability which one among the following is correct?
(A) Principal is liable for the wrongful act of his agent.
(B) Master is liable for the torts of his servant.
(C) Partner are liable for each other’s wrongful act
(D) All of the above are correct.

Answer and Notes Answer is D


Pre. Exam

55. "B" asked his friend "C" to drive his (B"s) car. "C" drives and causes an accident with another car of "D In an action brought by "D"
(a) B" alone is liable as *C" was acting under his direction.
(b) B" is not liable as "C" is not his servant.
(c) "C is not liable as he was driving the car at "B"s instructions.
(d) "B" and "C" both are liable by the rule of vicarious liability.

Answer and Notes Answer is D