Pre. Exam

21. The Supreme Court through which of the following judicial pronouncements has made all marriages compulsorily registrable?
(A) Zahira Sheikh Vs. State of Gujarat (2004) 4 SCC 158
(B) Vishaka Vs. State of Rajasthan (1997) 6 SCC 241
(C) Mohammad Ahmad Khan Vs. Shah Bano Begum (1985) 2 SCC 556
(D) Smt. Seema Vs. Ashwani Kumar (2006) 2 SCC 578

Answer and Notes Answer is D

Pre. Exam

67. Non-registration of marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955:
(a) invalidates the marriage and calls for imposition of penalty
(b) does not invalidate the marriage but calls for imposition of penalty
(c) neither invalidates the marriage nor calls for imposition of penalty
(d) makes the marriage voidable

Answer and Notes Answer is B

Explanation : Section 8 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides for registration of marriages. Section 8(2) provides that the State Government may by rules make registration of marriage compulsory. In case the marriage is made compulsory by State Government then any person contravening such rule shall be liable for fine which may extend to twenty five rupees.